The Capital Gift Guide

We want to help take some of the pressure off buying the coveted “perfect gift” for your perfect people this holiday season. We’ve compiled a foolproof guide to getting it just right for all the wonderful archetypes in your life.

The Stylista


For the gal that possesses that certain je ne sais quoi. She walks out of her house with perfected bed head and a vintage rock tee, and you can’t help but wonder if she just fell out of the pages of a fashion magazine. She knows that to pull together the perfect look you need a killer pair of sunglasses. Give her the gift that’s always in style, the Morgan.

The Adventurer


For the thrill seeker, mover & shaker and lover of all things exciting. This person has an up for anything kind of attitude and needs a pair of sunglasses that can keep up with their fly by the seat of your pants lifestyle. We’re confident the Bonnie and Clyde’s are up for the challenge.

The Trendsetter


This girl knows the coolest places to go and never misses the mark on an outfit. With her finger on the pulse, she immerses herself in the culture around her. She always uses fashion as an extension of her mood and the Alex Ebonized Cherry sunglasses are suiting her mood oh-so perfectly.

The Crowd Pleaser


This guy knows how to work a room. With an infectious smile and contagious vibe, he always seems to be everybody’s favorite person at the party. With a nod to the 80’s, the browline Charlie is sure to compliment his calm, cool and collected attitude.

The Traditionalist


This fella enjoys the simpler things in life, a classic movie and a good novel goes a long way. His vintage record collection would make any music enthusiast envious. He has fine taste and is aware a classic shape never fades away. Sticks to what he knows and loves. And he’ll love Forrest.

The Intellectual


These sunglasses are for that precocious someone who has traveled across the globe, read every great book ever penned and knows a shocking amount about fine wines. They’re well versed in most subjects and prefer their belongings to be high quality and well crafted. Impress them this year with Miles.