A Brief History of the Monogram

This holiday season we’re offering complimentary monogramming as a way to show our appreciation for our wonderful customers. Monogramming is the perfect way to make our already unique sunglasses completely unique to you. It’s not commonly known how these personalized symbols got their start, so we put together a brief history on the age old ritual of the monogram.


Monogramming dates back to Ancient Greece. It began as a royal signature on coins to authenticate currency. During the Middle Ages artisans and craftsmen began using monograms to brand their work. But it wasn’t until Victorian era that what we now think of as a monogram really took off. High society began marking everything from linens and shirts to lockets and seals with monograms.

From Rembrandt to John Hancock to Coco Chanel, monogramming has only become more popular through the ages. It allows for a personal touch, something that will always be unique to you.